Constitution Installation at Nordanstad & Skarstedt Annexe, Stockhom, 1991 8 C-prints, 97x69 to 140x200 cm, mounted on plywood A panorama of the constitutional parts of my life in a metaforical way.

Father, Mother.

Father, Mother. Installation at Index Gallery, Stockholm, 1993, part of the group exhibition "Home- a studie in politics" Chicken bones, 20 x 80 cm As homy and sublime as it gets.

Lust and Limit

Lust and Limit Forum, Stockholm; Hårlemans Hall, Malmö; Konstepedimien, Göteborg, 1990 C-prints mounted on plywood, 100x140 cm The hallucinatory registration of an overwhelming amount of discernible things. The eye is the limit.


Inclusion Artist Book 1992 and part of the group exhibition "Ideal Places", Ars Baltica Travelling Exhibition, Lillehammer Norway, Baltic countries, 1995 7 C-prints, 120x180 cm, mounted on aluminium The building sites became the motive that I found gave photography a maximum of resistance to it's deadly ambition of freezing reality. It also bacame an end-point to the work with analogue photography where the ...


Untitled Knogjärn 90 (Knuckle Duster 90), group show in a former military bunker in Göteborg C-print, 140x200 cm mounted on plywood, 1990   Deep down in the undergrund i wanted to create a window, an escape from the closed, damp and strange smelling rooms, once intended as a war time head quarter for the nearby military marine base.

Untitled 1990

Untitled 1990 Installation at Galleri Garmer, Göteborg 1990 15 C-prints, 30x40 cm to 140x200 cm, 8 b/w prints 60x90 cm, second hand furniture, 3 wood objects Through the scale, content and light in the photogaphs I tried to define and add a story to the seqence of six rooms that constitutes the gallery space in a former appartement.