A container of RGB

Installation on a building site in the outskirts of Kalmar, 16th October- November 4th 2007. Part of the project Kalmar Light Festival.

Cointainer, 2,0 x 2,0 x 2,3 m

3 spotlights with the colours red, green and blue directed towards the clear-cut area
a slide-show of 594 pictures, projected from whithin the container on a semi-transparent glass

In a former woodden area a new part of the city is to be built whithin the years to come. On a small hight I placed a container as it’s first primitive architecture, equipped with light in two directions. The basic colours in one direction and the mixed white colour in the other. The white colour in form of a projection of urban fragments from different citys I’ve been visiting the last two years, including Kalmar and the very site the container is placed on.