Mode III & VI

Mode III & VI Installation at Cabel Factory, Helsinki Dec 1998 and at James Hockey Galleri, Farnham, England, April 2000 Mode III: jet-ink print in duplex on mylar, 249 x 350 cm, video loop on plexiglass, 90 x 60 cm, plaster board construction, 360 x 260 x 360 cm A picture originating from a new-built operation room in the therties in Finland, a ...

The Return of the Past– The End of Utopias?

The Return of the Past– The End of Utopias? 1st Ars Baltica Photgraphic Art Triennal 1996, Schloß Gottorf, Schleswig; Haus am Waldsee and Studio bildende kunst, Berlin, Japanicher Palais, Dresden, Helsingfors Konsthall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tallin, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujarzdowski Castle Warszawa, Poznan Arsenal, Maison du Danemark, Paris. The exhibition curated by Dr Enno Kaufhold, dealt with the ...

Brännkyrkagatan 54B

Brännkyrkagatan 54B Installation at Modern Museum, Stockholm 1996, part of the groupexhibition On:Time 6 jet-ink print in duplex on mylar ripped IKEA furniture (bed and arm-chair) plaster board construction, 480 x 620 x 340 cm A set of six images concieved for a constructed space. The measures of the space are taken from a former appartement of mine (the address is the title). Facsimile from the ...

Untitled 1996

Untitled Installation at Schaper Sundberg Gallery, Stockholm, 1996 7 jet ink prints in duplex, each image consisting of a number of smaller sheets of mylar (aprox. A4 paper) The images, captured and reworked from different archival sources was applied directly on the walls of the gallery. No logic in subject matter other than the images relation to the actual space.

Home at

Home at (Hemma hos) Installation in a private home (Fornander & Linderoth) in Göteborg as a part of serie of events in the same appartement 3 jet-ink prints on mylar The images reflects and comments on the function and uses of the rooms in the appartement; a living-room, a bed-room and the childrens room.

Sexual Works

Sexual Works Installation at Index Gallery, Stockholm 1994 11 jet-ink prints on mylar chicken bones forming the words: skin/complexion. two flyers In a lose metaphorical way the pictures tells story about the human conception. The two levels of the gallery space are dedicated to the two different genes Y (male) and X (female) also refering to the digital 1/0 connected to the way the pictures ...

Social Works

Social Works Installation at Forumgalleriet, Malmö 1993 12 jet-ink prints on mylar from 55x58 cm to 217x336 cm leaflet (see under ) A serial of re-worked images coming from many different sources and computer generated images dealing with illusion and body, ideals and sharing. Facimile from the the leaflet produced for the exhibition Social Works, 1993 (In Swedish)